About Us

Our Mission

To be a synonym for Stainless Steel Industrial Equipment

who we are

Company Background

At ASL HFD – we provide Industrial-scale stainless steel fabrication services to a wide array of industries in different sectors. Established in 1999, ASL HFD– has grown into a company that is almost a synonym for stainless steel products. Driven by highly qualified and motivated staff, we have been able to consistently provide timely, quality output and world class back-up services to its clients.We endlessly seek new ideal products and systems to positively impact our business our customers and the larger society in which we operate in.

Our Products
Holding Tanks, Buffer Tanks, Milk Tankers, Mixing Vessels, Steam Jacketed Vessels, Processing Vessels, Cheese Vats, Yoghurt Mixers, Ice Banks, Heat Exchangers, Conveyors, Ribbon Blenders, SS Claddings, Commercial Kitchen, Laundry & Bakery Equipment, Cold Rooms & Stainless Steel Piping Work.

what we work with

Our Equipment

Brake presse up to 300 ton capacity
Plate bending machine sheets up to 10mm thick
Shearing machine for cutting up to 10mm thick sheets
Milling machine
Surface grinder up to a length of 1500mm
Shaping machine
Lathe machines -bed length of up to 3000mm
Plasma cutting machine -for thickness up to 25mm
15No. TIG and Arc Welding machines – for thickness up to 25mm
Metal Rolling machine - up to 25mm thickness
Power saws
Pipe bending machine -up to 38mm diameters
Spot welding machine
Knuckling machine
Hardness testing machine
Straight Polishing Machines
Angle grinders
Orbital Welding Machine

what we strive for



Market leader

To be the market leader for Stainless Steel Commercial Dairy Equipment, Industrial Tanks, Road Tankers, Commercial Kitchen & Laundry Equipment.


Quality management

To ensure Total Quality Management at all levels of production.


Role model

To be a role model in Customer Service, with solid technical assistance and amicable relationship with all our esteemed Customers.


Create the best team

To create the best team with the most Innovative Ideas and active participation of all employees.


Optimum solutions

To produce optimum solutions to Customer needs.


Work Culture

To strive for a Work Culture and Environment which can provide utmost satisfaction to all our employees.


Quality Policy Statement

ASL Limited Heavy Fabrication Division is committed to metal fabrication products and services of consistent quality that conform fully with statutory, regulatory and company requirements and in meeting our client’s documented and implied expectations.

The development of an efficient and effective Quality Management System and generally accepted best practices in the management of fabrication Industry, a system which not only ensures that the fabricated products quality is consistent, but also helps to ensure minimal wastage in all our production phases.

The ongoing development of the corporate culture that incorporates constant problem solving and continuous improvement, encouraging all employees to take total pride in, and responsibility for, their work and the development of better working practices.

Establishing and reviewing quality objectives for all levels that are realistic, achievable.

Management will communicate this policy to all employees and staff in such a way that it is properly understood, followed and reviewed during management reviews.

ASL Limited Heavy Fabrication Division, is committed to comply with the Customer, Regulatory/Statutory, Industry and Company’s own requirements and the requirements of ISO 9001 International Standard.

Our capabilities



Strong and committed Leadership


High management values


Friendly and supportive work culture


Organized efforts and great experience


Proper allocation of resources


Experienced hands with professionalism and expertise


Commitment to provide Quality products and services


Learning and adding features and values to the products


Customer oriented approach