Air Cooling And Dust Removal Systems

Air Cooling And Dust Removal Systems


ASL supplies and Installs Mamata YDM – Comfort Cooling System.

What is Mamata YDM ?
It is an Eco Friendly Hybrid cooling system for industries where heat, chemical fume & dust are great challenges.

What is the Principle of Mamata YDM?
It works with Twin Principles of Air Compression & Water Vaporization system.

What are the Advantages with this System?

  • Fresh Air Circulation – Ventilates the entire area by injecting fresh & cool air from outside. The desired number of air changes can also be achieved.
  • Drop in Temperature– Between 80C to 100 C can be dropped, depending on the application & external humidity
  • Power Consumption– One unit consumes only 1.1 KW that can serve about 150 m2 of surface area
  • Maintenance– Except a periodical cleaning of the membranes, no other maintenance would be required
  • Positive Pressure– Thanks to the special design of the fan that gives 180 Pascals air pressure inside the workshop, a positive pressure can successfully be created that keeps away all the dust & foreign articles from your fine products.
  • Relative Humidity – This system can control the humidity to 60% to avoid dry lungs & skin.

Technical Features

These units consist of the following:

  • One YDM Hybrid Cool Air System
  • G.I. Ducting
  • Soaker sheet cover
  • One Controller with 6m of 10-core Flat cable
  • One Inlet Valve
  • One Water Inlet Pipe
  • 5 m of 5-core 1.5mm2 Cable
  • Four Anti-vibration Pads
  • Nitryl Rubber Strips for main duct
  • Controller Screws
  • Operating Manual

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