Batch Pastuerizer

Batch Pastuerizer


The ASL batch pasteurizer model is especially designed for small scale processing of food products in a range of 150, 300, 500 ,1000 & 3000 liters.

The pasteurizer forms a standalone, complete small processing plant which can be used for the pasteurization and the production of various products such as pasteurized milk, cream, yogurt & Cheese

For Cheese processing ASL designs a pasteurizer equipped with cutting knives, frequency controlled agitator and a whey screen.
The unique combination of a double jacket and a closed water circuit results in an efficient energy transfer.

In this multi-functional tank the complete process can be automated without interference of the operator.

Technical Features

Overflow Capacity : 300 Ltr
Water Jacket : 9 KW Thermostatically controlled
Insulation : 2” Mineral Wool
Motor with Agitator : 0.5 HP – 56 RPM
Make : Bonfiglioli, Italy
Outlet : 2” SS Butterfly Valve
Other accessories : Water Level Indicator & Thermostat

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