Car Stackers

Car Stackers


At ASL ltd we have Car Stackers as one of our product range.

This is ideal for Apartment Blocks, Shopping Malls, Car Showrooms, Villas and many more areas.

We have an Economic Parking System which stacks 2 vehicles and the Multi -Level Automatic Puzzle Parking System which can be used to park many vehicles.

The Economic Model is available at all times in our Showroom on Mombasa Road and we welcome you to pay us a visit.

Technical Features

These are stainless steel makings used to park vehicles in limited spacing by stacking them thereby reducing space occupied:
Has a control panel
Equipped with hydraulics system
Has plates/Surfaces for parking cars
The component are of stainless steel material
Can suit different height levels(car levels),

If you have any questions or want to enquire about this product