Flat Work Ironer

Flat Work Ironer


This is electrically heated and operated and electrical power and rating is dependent on the machine make and size.

Technical Features

Flatwork ironer is the ideal solution for restaurants, small hotel and farm holiday linen designed to obtain the customer full satisfaction.
Three important patents to confirm the absolute supremacy of genuine Flat IronerSeries:
• Stainless steel chromed chest on two baths of electrolyte method (no aluminum) for a better heating conduction;
• The chest pressure is uniform on all the roller length and gives incomparable ironing quality results;
• The automatic adjusting of the ironing speed according to the temperature variation (detectable by Color Touchscreen IM10) allows to maintain an output of constant quality;
• The safety bar fixed at knee level can be easily pressed by the operator to instantly open the chest; it is a standard on genuine ironers, together with the emergency stop button.
• Color Touchscreen IM 10 control the automatic adjusting of the ironing speed according to the temperature variation with incredible results. Cool Down function at the end of the cycle help saving energy and roller cover life is extended.
Roller cover in steel wool, ironing board cover and cloth in Nomex resist to high temperature.
Activation of Kick-start system by pressing the brushless activate the roller helping the operator in case of occupied hands.
Flat series is the ideal solution for hotel and restaurant laundry!
Standard equipped with a temperature / speed automatic adjustment system, the IMESA ironers assure a constant ironing quality for all the working shift.

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