CIP System

CIP System


Tank Sanitation

3-A Sanitary Standards emphasize ease of cleaning and top level hygiene.

ASL Engineered Products is way ahead of the local competition with our unique horizontal CIP agitator that is simple, sanitary, efficient and USDA accepted for mechanical cleaning for use in 3-A dairy silos and storage tanks.

ASL offers unique conventional spray down CIP including spray disc, spray dish, drop spray ball, turbine design and cascading cleaners, and upon request spray-up units for silo style storage tanks.

Heat Transfer
Heat transfer jackets for full flooded or direct expansion ammonia, glycol or water; internal headers reduce cost by reducing need for external piping and connections. Heat transfer surfaces include dimple, channel and half pipe for heating and cooling.

Sump type outlet
The Walker sump type drop outlet reduces the tendency of tank content to vortex and suck air in which can damage the product and reduce pump efficiency.

Bolt-on design
Access equipment bolted onto pre-installed support tabs for easy field installation.

Technical Features

• Material: Stainless Steel 304 or 316
• Agitator Motor is from International Leading Brands
• Insulation is 2 Polysterene or PUF
• Cladding: Stainless Steel or Powder Coated GI Sheet with IT5 Profile

And also comprises of:
• Simple wall tank, for water recovery
• Tanks insulated for Lye solutions and Acid solutions
• Tank simple wall for the fresh water.
• Vertical, cylindrical/square free standing on Stainless Steel ball feet legs
• Material : AISI 316
• Insulation : Resin bonded fiberglass or equivalent
• Cladding: 2mm thick, AISI 304.
• Ports & Fittings: Inlet, outlet, drain, overflow vent, man way instrument bosses & all other std. fitting.
• Maximum level switches
• Medium level switches
• Empty level switches

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