Composite Type Boilers (MEMBRANE-X)

Composite Type Boilers (MEMBRANE-X)


Composite type boiler is combination of smoke tube & water tube design. Membrane panel type water tube structure is attached to smoke tube type shell. Furnace is made of channels & beams which is covered by refractory bricks & fire bricks. Multiple fuel feeding doors & ash doors are provided as par capacity of Boiler. Provided with ID, FD fan for maintaining balanced draught. All type of grates like fixed grate, Fluidized bed, Controlled Air Combustion, Dumping Grate, Pulsating Grate, Travelling Grate, Chain Grate can be fitted as per fuel availability & capacity of Boiler.
• These Boilers are multi-fuel type boilers.
• The firing system can be modified for burning multi-type fuels.
• Combination of Smoke tube & water tube structure.
• Multiple doors are available for manual fuel feeding & ash handling.
• Easy for installation& commissioning.
• Most customized type design
• Accessories like Air pre heater, water pre heater available to enhance output and efficiency
• The furnace is also external to the boiler to enable combustion of high moisture agro-fuels like bagasse.
• Particulate emission controlled using Multi-cyclone Dust Collectors


Technical Features

Capacity – 8000 Kg/hr to 25,000 Kg/hr
Design Pressure – 10 bar to 32 bar
Fuels – Wood, Coal, , Briquettes, Sawdust, Bagasse, rice husk, coffee husk, Macadamia nuts , palm shell, Groundnut shell, coconut shell, cotton waste IDO, FO, IDO, Natural gas, LPG, Biogas
Overall Efficiency: 80±2 % for Solid Fuels and 90±2% for Oil/Gas


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