Specializing in Commercial Laundry Consumable Equipment.

ASL is your one-stop shop for all laundry products. We have quickly gained the reputation as Kenya’s leading Commercial Laundry Equipment Distributor.

In addition, we distribute and service a full line of Industrial Laundry Equipment throughout the country.

Staff at ASL are committed to maintaining excellence in all we do; from handling your initial inquiry to installation and beyond.

Our wide range of available services coupled with our vast product selection keeps ASL on the cutting edge of the commercial laundry industry.

New and experienced investors will be treated like family by our professional service staff, who will guide you through the entire process.

Whether you desire to establish a new laundry facility or renovate an existing one, ASL will be here for you every step of the way

Technical Features

ASL Laundry Consumable list will include;

  • Markings and Identification equipment, e.g. Dry Clean and Laundry Pens, Pre Cut Manual Tapes, Dennisson Fasteners White,Denisson Fine Fabric Gun,Plastic Economy Needle, Thermopatch Tapes, Manual Tapes, Thermo Patch Ink, Cassettes, Closed Safety Pins, Roll Lot Tags
  • Laundry Chemicals e.g.One Shot Laundry Detergents,Detergent with Optical BrightenerConcentrated Dry Cleaning Detregent with and without Perfume, Commercial Perfumed Powder,Heavy Duty Powder,Export Powder,Multi Detregent Powder,Powder Bleach(Chlorine& Oxygen),Perfumed Liquid Emulsifer,Alakli Boosters,Powder Laundry Sour,Spray and Wash (Extra,Delicate)Concentrated Laundry Freshener Perfume,Concetrated Dry Cleaning Perfume.
  • Spotting Chemicals e.g. Yellowgo,Targody,Laundry Targo,Qwikgo,Bongo,Spotsgo,Rustgo,Newinkgo.
  • Hangers and related Accessories e.g. Regular Notched Hanger,Pvc Notched Hanger,Caped Hanger,Strut Hanger,Shirt Hangers ,Trouser Guards,Shoulder Guards,Golden Hangers.
  • Bags e.g. Laundry Bags Assorted Colors, Zip Net Bags, Extra Heavy Weight Laundry Bag, Laundry Bag/Mesh with String White.
  • Cleaning consumables e.g. Wax Cloth with Mesh Strip, Clena Form, Clean Eezee, Ez of Iron Cleaner, Screen Back, Lint removers, Lint Brush, Nylon Coat Brush,White Spotting Brush, Horse Hair Coat Brush, Nap and Lint Brush, Spotting Bone.
  • Press Padding eg Press Padd and cover 42″ 45″ 47″
  • FWI Supplies e.g Powder Wax, Guide Tape Clena (II and Markless),Cotton Flannel, Cotton Feed Belt, Nomex Feed Belt,Belt Connector Hook and Pin, Dolphin Cement Sealer Water Based.
  • Packing Consumables e.g. Shirt and Skirt Clips,Belt Holder, Assembly Hook Single ,Free Standing Baging Jack ,Collar Support Regular.

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