Containerized Dairy Processing Unit

Containerized Dairy Processing Unit


This is the latest concept to be developed by ASL Team.

The milk produced comes in small quantities from a large number of individual farms. The milk cannot be cooled, as the individual farmers do not possess cooling facilities. Consequently remote rural communities have moved from being producers of a market product to subsistence production. A poor infrastructure means that the distant large city dairies have no incentive to collect poor quality milk from many individual farmers, each having 2-6 milking cows.

One of the ways to overcome this situation is to reverse the trend, that is, move the milk processing facility to the milk supply, instead of transporting the milk to the processing facility.

Since limited amount of milk comes from a large number of small farms, only a small-scale milk processing plant placed in the rural community itself, will have a chance to become economically viable and be able to supply the local population with much needed dairy products.

A Containerized Dairy Unit can be seen as the first step in the development of dairy industry in a rural area.


The Container Dairy offers a number of advantages: the small individual farms will have a dairy plant nearby that will buy milk in small quantities so helping the development of market economy in the community; the milk can be collected, cooled and processed quickly because of the short distances involved with a consequent improvement in the quality of the finished products; the farmers are paid for the milk, thus helping the community to move from subsistence to a market economy.

As a consequence the rural community will then be able to buy products such as milk, cheese, butter and perhaps yoghurt. The amount of dairy products for sale will rise, thus improving the quality of the population’s overall diet.

Everyone can see the positive consequences this will have on the health of the population.

A Container Dairy can be seen as the first step in the development of dairy industry in a rural area. In time it may become too small and the need for a larger dairy will arise. If this fortunate time comes, the Container Dairy has not lost its use, because in principle it is a portable dairy plant.

Technical Features

Components of Containerized Mini Dairy Equipment

• Handwash Sink Unit
• Water Heater
• Working Table
• Batch Pasteurizer
• Trolley Table
• Homogenizer-optional
• Refrigerator
• Wardrobe
• Bench Scale
• Cooling Tank
• Pasteurizer Unit
• Cheese Vat
• Vacuum Packer
• Soft Ice Freezing Unit
• Laboratory Furniture & Equipment

The capacity of such plants: From 500 Lts to 2000Lts of milk per day.

The type of equipment in the plants are in accordance with the wishes of the customer and the scope of products.

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