Continuous Milk Pasteurizers

Continuous Milk Pasteurizers


The equipment will consist of following:
a. Float Balance Tank : 50 ltr
The tank will be complete with SS float valve, inlet & outlet connection

b. Feed Pump : 500 lph @ 30 mwc
Centrifugal pump with product contact parts in SS 316. Pump is with fixed speed drive.

c. Manual flow regulating valve : 38mm
For manual control of Product flow from Feed Pump to Pasteurizer

d. Inline Filter : 38mm
Sanitary design, easy removable, in line filter, Bucket type would be provided, one working & in standby.

e. Flow Diversion Valve : 38 mm
Used for Diversion of product in case Product outgoing temperature falls below set point.

f. Heat Exchanger with holding coil:
This is suitable for achieving the Heating and Cooling Duty conditions. It is constructed of corrugated tubes for Heat Transfer. It is of Sanitary Construction. Heat transfer surfaces are of SS 316. Holding tube for suitable configuration is considered.

g. Instrumentation & Control Panel (S.S. Auto):
The control panel will be made of S.S. will be dust & vermin proof consist of
• Chart Recorder.
• Digital temperature Indicator for chilled water inlet temperature
• Alarm with hooter and acknowledge and respect setting.
• Auto Manual selection switch and forced forward flow provision.
• Incoming on/off switch for control supply

• ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ push buttons with indicating lamps suitable inscription will be provide for operation of motors of various modules.
• Indication lamps for showing the position of flow diversion valve (forward/diverted mode)

h. Interconnecting piping and fitting : 25mm
Interconnecting pipes and fittings from feed module to pasteurization system and inlet and outlet for connecting to Homogenizer will be provided.

i. Skid for the above :
The above unit will be provided of skid frame, floor mounting type.

j. Ball Feet Arrangement :
All the floor mounted equipment will have the ball feet provision for height adjustment of 50 mm.

Technical Features

The plant will be HTST type and will be used for pasteurization of milk.

Temperature Profile                            4 – 45/50 – 65/70 – 80 – 4°C

Raw milk feed temperature                4°C

Past Temp                                           80°C

Outlet Temp                                        4OC

Plate Material                                      SS – 316,

Material of Gasket                              NBR Food Grade, CLIP ON

Outlet for                                            Cream Separator and Homogenizer

Holding Time                                      20sec.

Sections                                               05

Regeneration Efficiency                     90%

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