Stainless Steel Conveyors are suitable for use in environments with rigorous hygiene regulations, and for areas where aluminum is not approved.

We offer solutions and advice any conveyor models to determine if suitable for sanitary environment applications.

In the design stage, we have in mind the ease of cleaning and sanitation of the Conveyors.


The food processing industry uses some of the most advanced and diverse conveyor automation technologies available; their systems feature customized, innovative handling processes that suit the needs of specific edible products. From meat and seafood to frozen pizzas and ice cream, stainless steel metal conveyor belts are excellent for the cooking, freezing, and handling of edible products. They have proven to be versatile, durable, and easy to design and manufacture for any food processing system requiring exceptional results.

Other fields include:
• Food processing factories
• Water, Juice & Beverage
• Cosmetics
• Pharmaceutical products
• Milling industries
• Conveyance of baggage and loads, etc….

Technical Features

These are designed for frequent wash-down and high-corrosive applications. Conveyors are normally manufactured of 304 or 316 grade Stainless Steel materials with the choice of either mill finish, polished finish, or sand or glass bead blasted finish.

Features and options may be modified to meet individual customer applications. Powered conveyor components include: wash-down motors and gearboxes; stainless steel frame, rollers, bearings, supports, sprockets and fasteners; corrosion-resistant roller chain;
Stainless steel conveyors are used extensively throughout the production of food products, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and many highly corrosive products.

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