Cooking Oil Filtration

Cooking Oil Filtration


These are well accepted machines globally, made in Germany,that are used to filter/clean your cooking oil, it’s a simple machine that is very much easy to use and operate and requires no supervision thus, saving valuable labor time.
Locally- Hotels, Food Chains and Fast Foods are our major clients, they are all satisfied with the great savings in terms of costs and also more sales in their business since the quality and taste of their fried foods makes them stand out hence, more customers keep coming back to eat at their business places.

Technical Features

• Available in R30, R50 and R80
• R30-idealy suited fryers for upto 12litre
• R50- idealy suited fryers for upto 25litre
• R80- developed for heavy usage, suitable for all fryers
• Comes in three components, motor/head, the filter placer and the dripping tray.
• Adjustable fillers cover, for placing and locking the filter in place
• Locking nuts, for tightening the motor to the filter holder during filtration.
• Insulated holding handles for placing and removing the motor during filtration process
• A power cable
• A start and stop button, one button serving two functions
• Power and filtration lights on the motor.

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