Equipment for Added Value Product

Equipment for Added Value Product


Owing to our vast expertise, we are offering all dairy lab equipment and milk testing accessories. Designed as per latest industrial standards, these are known for their accuracy, reliability and durability.
ASL supplies Dairy Milk Testing Equipment from leading Original Equipment Manufacturers
These analyses the major components in raw and processed milk, cream and whey, such as, Fat, Protein, Total solids, Solids non Fat and Lactose, as well as screens for milk adulteration.
The analysis may be used for Milk payment, calculation of the mass balance, for standardization purposes as well as to verify the end products.
These can a make big impact on the dairy’s profit and plant reliability.
These are:
• Ultra Sonic Milk Analyzer
• Lactometer
• Lactodensimeter
• Milk Strips


Gentle curd treatment and maximum cheese yield are our priority.

ASL Vats are meant for assorted cheeses, ranging from full-size enclosed production vats, milk-based vats and small scale open-top vats to lab-sized open-top vats and cottage cheese open-top vats.
These vats feature heavy-duty construction and offer superior performance and a long service life.
We offer a complete line of equipment in a variety of sizes can address the requirements of any cheesemaker.
Many of our products can be modified or customized for your unique requirements.
From vats to finishing tables, presses and moulds and others too numerous to mention we don’t just manufacture equipment – we solve your problems and increase your revenue.
o Fully automated cheese vat with sophisticated cutting and stirring tool
o Slow cut and stirring speeds reduce the loss of fat and fines in whey to a minimum
o Highest standards of hygiene
The high quality of a ripened cheese starts with best milk in the cheese vat itself.

The shape of the cheese vat and the construction and innovative design of the Kalt cutting and stirring tools have been flow optimized over the course of lengthy development and test phases so that the highest cheese yield is guaranteed.

Other Service Equipment:
• Cheese Moulds
• Cheese Trays
• Cheese Presses
• Open Finishing Tables
• Chilling Tanks

Technical Features

It’s a cylindrical vessel made by blowing a glass tube
Has two sides, one filled with a bulb with mercury and the other a thine tube with scale
Has indicators depicting level of purity in milk
Easy to use and have maximum accuracy

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