Essential Oil Distillation

Essential Oil Distillation


• Over years of experience and expertise we decide the technology of process
• For extraction of essential oils from various planting material like wood, herbs ,
• Flower, root, bark, spices, gums resins and its nature of volatile and percentage of oil yield.
• We are specialized in providing Plant & Technology on turnkey basis for all kinds of Essential Oils

Multipurpose Distillation Plant with a provision of Hydro distillation, Steam Distillation (with & without pressure)

Application of Our Distillation Plants:

• Aromatic Species for essential oil Distillation
• Lime,
• Lavender,
• Lemon Balm,
• Chamomile,
• Vetiver,
• Lemon grass,
• Ajowan,
• Eucalyptus,
• Thyme,
• Patchouli,
• Marry Gold etc….

Distillation For Spice Oils:
• Cinnamon bark & Leaf,
• Nut mug,
• Ginger,
• Garlic,
• Frankincense,
• Clove.

Why Distillation Plant from ASL

• Installed more than 10 plants in India, Rwanda & Burundi
• For Higher yield & best Quality of oil,
• For low operational and Maintenance Costs,
• Excellent finish and meeting delivery timelines
• Initial investments may be slightly high but the returns is very fast.

Technical Features

Various Technologies Available

  • Ordinary steam Distillation Plant both in Mild Steel & Stainless Steel Material Finish
  • High Pressure Steam Distillation Plants
  • Low Temperature Vacuum Distillation Plant,
  • Steam Distillation Plant

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