Water Chilling System

Water Chilling System


Industrial chillers are used for controlled cooling of products, mechanisms and machinery in a variety of industries. A chiller removes heat from the process water and transfers it to air via a heat exchanger. Using the refrigeration cycle, water chillers are able to cool the water to below ambient temperature. Water chiller capacities are measured in tons (BTU/hr) of cooling.

Water is drawn from the tank, pumped through the chiller and back to the tank. An adjustable thermostat senses the liquid temperature, cycling the chiller to maintain a constant temperature in the tank. The water flows from the chiller to the application’s point of use and back.

Having a contaminant free “closed loop” system will increase your chiller’s efficiency and lengthen its life cycle. A closed-loop industrial chiller recirculates a clean coolant or clean water with condition additives at a constant temperature and pressure to increase the consistent and repeatable variables.

Technical Features

Among the features in an ASL chilling systems are;
• Compressor:From CR-72
• Capacity:From 8TR
• Fan Motor: 450 S FAN X4
• Refrigerant: R22, Qty: 14.5kgs
• Power Supply: 3Phase, 440V, 50Hz

Ice Bank
Used for storage of Cold water (ice water) for use in cooling products through a heat exchanger. The temperature of water inside the ice bank can be below zero. This is achieved by adding antifreeze agents like glycol to the water.
Technical Specifications
• The Range in capacity is from 300Lts-50,000Lts.
• Either Cylindrical or Rectangular in shape:
• Can be Mild Steel or Stainless steel
• Cladding: IT5 profile galvanized painted sheet cladding
• With cooling copper coils
• Motor & Stirrer: Geared Motor supplied from internationally recognized manufactures
• Insulation: We provide Poly Styrene or Poly urethane foam insulation that ensures no heat gain or heat loss.
• Manhole : Round Top Manhole for inspection and cleaning
• Temperature Indicator : Analogue Dial Type or Digital electronic type provided
• With thermostatic temperature control
• Compressors and condensers are imported from reputable manufacturers

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