Homogenization is an entirely separate process that occurs after pasteurization in most cases. The purpose of homogenization is to break down fat molecules in milk so that they resist separation. Without homogenization, fat molecules in milk will rise to the top and form a layer of cream

Technical Features

Flow rate:From 500 LPH
Product: Milk
Homogenizing Head: Two stage, hydraulically operated
Homogenizing Valve & Valve Seat: Imported Stellite-20 grade material
Suction Discharge Valve & Valve Seat: Imported Stellite-6 material (Removable type)
Lubrication: Forced
Plungers: Three, specially Alloy Steel
Contact Parts: SS 316/ SS 304
Mounting: M.S. Frame with SS Enclosures
Body: Spheroidal, Cast Iron
Drive Arrangement: Pulley drive with shaft mounted Gear Box
Inlet / Outlet Connection: 38 mm
Installed Power: 50 HP, 1440 rpm TEFC Electric motor of Crompton/reputed make
Rating Power: TEFC Electric Motor, 415 V, 3 Ph, 50 c/s
O & M Manual: 1 set
Tool Kit: 1 set
Dampener: Suction & Discharge

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