Hot Water Boilers

Hot Water Boilers


Hot Water Boilers are designed to operate on various types of fuels such as FO, IDO, Gas, Wood, Briquettes, Coal, Husk, Bagasse, etc.

  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Three-pass thermally efficient design results in lowest fuel bills
  • Fully automatic
  • Can be custom-built to give outlet temperature up to 225ºC
  • No Boiler regulations – water generates heat without changing its liquid phase
  • Low cost heating for low temperature applications
  • Feed water pumps
  • Plate heat exchangers for domestic hot water requirements
  • Multi-fuel option – light oils/heavy oils/gases

Technical Features

Capacity: 0.2 million kcal/hr to 3 million kcal/hr
Design pressure: Up to 4 kg/cm² (g)
Water temperature: Up to 95ºC
Fuels: IDO, FO, Natural Gas, Wood, Coal, Husk, Bagasse, Briquettes, etc.
Overall Efficiency: 80±2 % for Solid Fuels and 90±2% for Oil/Gas

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