Buffer-Silo Tanks

Buffer-Silo Tanks


These are used for storage of milk and milk products in bulk before and after processing.
We take a flexible approach to storage tank design.
ASL Storage tanks are formed and can be easily customized to individual application specifications.
A tank design can either be all customer driven and our engineers assist with tank design, site layout and tank placement, and recommend storage tank arrangements and options. It is this versatility along with the efficiency of our consulting, engineering, manufacturing, installation services, and after sales support that save our customers space, time and cost.
Customers choose original ASL SILO storage tanks for their high quality materials, unique design elements and value-added fabrication features

Technical Features

• Capacity: 500-200,000Lts.
• Supports: Either with legs or skirt base:
• Bottom : Conical, or flat-sloped
• Motor & Stirrer: Side Mounted Geared Motor supplied from internationally recognized manufactures
• Insulation: We provide Poly Styrene or Poly urethane foam insulation that ensures no heat gain or heat loss.
• Cladding: IT5 profile galvanized painted sheet or Stainless steel sheet
• Manhole: Both Side mounted oval or rectangular manhole and Round Top Manhole
• Temperature Indicator: Analogue Dial Type or electronic type provided
• Level Indicator: Continuous electronic level indicator with digital display from reputable manufacturers.
• Outlet: Free-pouring spout consisting of SS Butterfly Valve Overflow pipe to drain any excess product
• Finish: high-polished sanitary finish
Horizontal Stainless Steel Storage Tanks
• Dependable and economical. Available in refrigerated cold-wall models and non-refrigerated designs for the dairy, beverage and food industries.
Single Shell Storage Tanks
• Built to specific customer design requirements to fit directly into a process line. For bulk ingredients for processing, such as food product with vinegar, oil with cosmetics, concentrates for juice.
Stainless Steel Silos
• Insulated tanks for dairy, food ingredients, food processing, beverages, concentrates, syrups and a multitude of other applications.
Silo Agitators
• ASL LTD has a variety of agitation options to suit the individual dairy silo and storage tank application.

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