Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen Sinks


Each bowl is fitted with a perforated removable corner strainer in full own height, a 40 mm waster outlet with stand overflow outlet fitting and a heavy duty hot/cold water sink mixer, pillar type with over arm swivel outlet.

Technical Features

ASL makes Industrial and Heavy Duty Wash up Sink Units.
These are available as:
• Single Bowl Single Drain( 1200x600x860mm and 1500x600x860mm)
• Double Bowl Double Drain as 1800x600x860mm and 2000x600x860mm Sink Units
• Specially designed sizes are custom-made to own specifications.

The Sinks have either plain shelf or slated shelf.
The Overall Size standard Size is 2000x600x860mm, 1800x600x860mm.
Each Bowl will be 500x400x300mm deep each centrally placed, and a stainless steel grid under shelf is incorporated.
The top is of 2.0mm Stainless Steel.
The Unit frame is 40x40x1.5mm R.H.S. stainless steel and each leg is equipped with an adjustable sanitary foot.
The feet/stand has a spacing of maximum 1000mm.

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