Meat Mincer

Meat Mincer


Table top meat mincers are available in different capacity of kgs per hour.

The motor power is varying and suitable for various phases of power supply.  The unit construction is of a highly polished anodized aluminium finish and a hardened chrome steel knife.

Technical Features

Structured in cast alloy covered entirely in stainless steel. Self-ventilated motor. Speed reducer with 4 oil-immersed gears made of hardened steel enclosed in an oil-tight gearcase.
Stainless steel feed-box and meat pick-up tray. With the simple turning of a lever the mincing set is disengaged. All the machine parts can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

They comply with the European and international regulations.
Motor and controls with IP 45 protection grade, equipped with reversers CE regulation meat entrance head. Class 1 electrical equipment.
Power Ratings: 451V or 240V 50Hz

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