Meat Slicing Machine

Meat Slicing Machine


Gravity feed meat-slicing machine is of different knife cutting sizes for round cut, square and rectangular cut.

The machine has a thickness control of between 0 to 15mm and is supplied with stainless carriage guard, ‘last slice’ device that minimizes wastage and a built-in self-setting knife sharpening unit.

The motor power is varying and suitable for various phases of power supply.  The unit construction is of a highly polished anodized aluminium finish and a hardened chrome steel knife.

Technical Features

– Anodized cast aluminium alloy.
– Great distance between blade and motor for easy cleaning.
– Ventilated motor. – Forged, hardened large thickness blades.
– Lapped sliding pins.
– Stainless steel screws and slice deflector.
– Strong thickness gauge support.
– Cast-in sharpener assembly.
– Compact dimensions but great cutting capacity.
– Device for releasing the carriage.

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