Mini Dairy Plant

Mini Dairy Plant


This is a dairy plant that has the capabilities to receive and process milk from its raw form up until the milk is ready for sale as milk or any other related milk products that the client is interested in, be it yoghurt, cheese, butter etc.

It’s a whole complete dairy plant.

Technical Features

Our Mini Dairy Plant comes with the following list of equipment:
• Dump Tank
• Digital Weighing Scale
• Milk Transfer Pump
• Balance Tank
• Continuous Pasteurizer
• Homogenizer
• Hot Water System
• Glycol Chiller
• Holding Tubes
• Air Compressor
• Control Panel
• Pasteurized Milk Storage Tank(Insulated)
• Pouch Packing Machine
• Sanitary Pumps
• Available Capacities 300ltr/hour, 500ltr/hour & 1,000ltr/h

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