Refrigeration and Cold Room

Refrigeration and Cold Room


A refrigerator is a popular commercial/household appliance that consists of a thermally insulated compartment and a heat pump (mechanical, electronic or chemical) that transfers heat from the inside of the fridge to its external environment so that the inside of the fridge is cooled to a temperature below the ambient temperature of the room.
A cold room is a walk-in storage facility. Safe operation of cold rooms in restaurants, hotel, food shops and supermarkets is crucial for preserving the quality of the stored foods. cold rooms use include packaging of foods and beverages, short and long term food storage as well as freezing. For each application you need a customized solution to meet the exact demands for refrigeration.

Technical Features


Insulation Options: 80mm (standard) or 100mm (if extra insulation is required for increased energy efficacy, or in warmer ambient conditions).
Height Options: 2100mm (standard) or 2400mm. (This increases to 2140mm or 2440mm if 100mm insulation is chosen.)
• Wall insulation is inserted into the subfloor in conjunction with the existing floor insulation imbedded to form a complete enclosure
• Floor insulation construct with 100mm thick polyurethane slab complete with polyethylene sheets in 2 layers.
• Joints to be overlapped and sealed with non-setting flexible sealant
• Insulation panels construct with 80/100mm thick foamed-in place polyurethane core with facings of stainless steel sheet.
• Floor heating element system complete with thermostat and control
• Evaporator unit constructed with textured aluminum, complete with electric fans, copper tubes staggered and mechanically expanded into corrugated aluminum fins operate on electrical defrost mode
• Air cooled condensing unit consisting of semi-hermetic compressor complete with necessary refrigeration components and accessories eg. hand valve, solenoid valve, expansion valve etc., all mounted on base frame
• Electrical control panel complete with refrigeration controller and necessary electrical components
• Designed to operate efficiently up to 30°C ambient environments
• User friendly electrical control with large easy readable digital thermometer for set and actual temperature, high temperature acoustic alarm, on-off switch with power on indication lamp
• Suitable LED/fluorescent light fitting suitable for cold room application
• Wall insulation panels can be cleaned easily
• Curved corners for ease of cleaning
• Easily replaceable heavy duty door gasket & door hinges
• Automatic Door lock

Condensing Units: Standard Features

• Audible & Visual Temperature Alarms
• Localized Self Diagnostic Capability
• Automatic Defrost Capability (complete with a manual override)
• Full LCD Display
• Status Operational Indicators

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