Road Milk Tankers

Road Milk Tankers


These are mounted onto truck chassis or semi-trailers and are used to transport raw milk from the collection centers/cooling centers to the processing plant.

Technical Features

Overflow Capacity : from 1000 to 28,000 Ltr
Number of compartments : varies from 1 to 4 depending on capacity
Internal Baffles inside the compartments: Baffles are flow-obstructing vanes or panels used inside the tanker to avoid excessive movement of the liquid inside especially when the compartment is not full. The movement of the liquid will make the vehicle unstable and difficult to control for the driver
Manholes : Independent Manholes for each compartment- Imported
Insulation : Poly Styrene or Poly Urethane foam -Insulation prevents the milk gaining heat and thereby going bad
Cladding : Mirror Finish or Brush finish
Saddles : Mild Steel Saddles-saddles are supportive structure for the tank and is bolted to the chasing of the truck or trailer
Outlets : SS Butterfly Valves
CIP : Imported Spray Ball
Breather : Imported breather to prevent tank collapse. A breather is a vent or valve to release pressure or to allow air to move freely inside the tank.
Accessories : Anti Slippery Walkway & Access Ladder in Stainless Steel
Calibration : Done for each chamber to ensure the capacity is as required

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