Small Industrial Boilers (MINIPAC)

Small Industrial Boilers (MINIPAC)


Minipac is a two-pass, smoke tube boiler that can be fired on solid fuel and optionally on oil/Gas. The front end and shell rear end is closed with the help of tube plates. The Smoke tubes are fitted between the front and rear tube sheet. The Smoke tube opens into the smoke chamber. The pressure Part consists of shell, furnace, tube plate, smoke tube, standard pipes, fittings, and feed water piping. Smoke chamber and the refractory door is mounted at front and rear respectively. The rear door when opened, gives total access to the furnace. Proper manhole, and mud hole is provided for easy cleaning. The cylindrical boiler shell is fully covered with glass wool insulation and enclosed in a sheet. Boiler is mounted on skid along Control panel, Feed pumps & all necessary mountings & fittings.

Technical Features

Capacity: 300 kg/hr to 750 kg/hr
Pressure: 7 bar
Fuels: Wood, Coal, Briquettes, Cotton Waste, Bagasse, IDO, Furnace Oil, Natural gas, LPG, Biogas.
Feeding System: Manual
Overall Efficiency: 80±2 % for Solid Fuels and 90±2% for Oil/Gas

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