Washing Machine

Washing Machine


This is made of heavy gauge stainless in the inside and the door and side panels is powder painted stainless steel. The unit has noise insulation and firmly is held on ground, dual drain valves for water re-use special electrical heating elements.

Filling capacity varies depending on the machine size and model. And is capable of washing and extracting the water.
The power operational rating varies depends with the machine model too.

Technical Features

They can be easily adapted to every type of installation thanks to strength upper and frontal S.S. AISI 304 panels give and to simply use granted by Color Touch Screen IM8.
In P-LINE model washers assure complete stability thanks to the innovative shock absorber system that is their hallmark. Washers are equipped with a double water connection for hot and cold water: with that system, the ASL supplied washers save energy using warm water of the water supply cutting heating time and program length.
• Comes in different models,
• Capacity: 30kgs
• Its IM computer controlled
• Electrically Heated, 3 phase 415v
• Imported from Italy.

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