Waste Heat Recovery Boilers

Waste Heat Recovery Boilers


Rakhoh provides energy solutions to utilize waste heat from various processes and applications to improve overall energy balance in various industries. The offerings include a variety of customized, turnkey solutions to generate heat, steam and power. They are also known as Waste heat recovery unit (WHRU) heat recovery boilers or heat recovery steam generators (HRSGS). Main objective to recover maximum energy.
WHRU can be shell and water tube type construction.
It can be designed under IBR 1950,ASME & TEAM.
It can be natural circulation, forced circulation. And once through.
Accessories of WHRU– Water Pre-heater, Economizer, Air heater
WHRUs are mainly used in Petrochemical plants, chemical plants, refineries power plants, process system, turbine exhaust & D.G. sets.

Technical Features


  1. Heat Recovery Systems
  2. Pollution Control Equipments
  3. Water Treatment Plants
  4. Spares, Steam Mountings & Fittings
  5. Fuel Auto Feedings Systems


  1. Installation and Commissioning of Boilers
  2. Servicing of Existing Boilers
  3. Annual Maintenance Contracts
  4. Energy Audits
  5. Total Turnkey Solutions

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