A: Industrial Tanks:

ASL Tanks stands as proof of durability, convenience, and built-in efficiencies.

We have invested into custom stainless steel fabrication by dedicating both a design team and the manufacturing resources to develop custom products for the specialized applications of our customers.

These are Stainless Steel Vessels used for production of Dairy, Food, Beverage, Chemical, Cooking Oil Refineries, Breweries, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Paint, Medical Drugs, Detergents, Biofuels, Bioscience, Distilleries, etc…

We are proud to be one of the best leaders in the manufacturing and servicing of both shop and field-fabricated storage and processing tanks.

Materials used in our fabrication are:

Stainless Steel Grade 304
Stainless Steel Grade 316
Mild Steel- Coated with Suitable anti Corrosive Paints

These are engineered-to-order tanks and vessels to serve many industries, featuring field expertise and a focus on quality, delivery and compliance.

Our Scope of work includes:

Product Design, Fabrication, Installation, Commissioning, Test Run, Training & Hand Over after customer and user satisfaction.

Product Range:

• Storage Tanks
• Steam Jacketed Tanks
• Electric Heating Tanks
• Mixing Tanks
• Insulated Storage Tanks( Silo Tanks)
• Emulsifiers
• Batch Pasteurizers
• Ice Banks
• CIP Tanks
• Ribbon Blenders
• Filling Stations.
• Sump Tanks
• Elevated Pressed Steel Water Tanks