ASL saw the need to empower medium scale and dairy co-operatives in the country to further process and prepare raw milk for commercial dairy products, as a result of this, the MINI DAIRY PLANT was born.

This is a complete machinery set up with the right equipment of handling and processing milk up until its ready for use of production of milk and milk related products.

Our Mini Dairy Plant comes with the following list of equipment’s:
• Dump Tank
• Digital Weighing Scale
• Milk Transfer Pump
• Balance Tank
• Continuous Pasteurizer
• Homogenizer
• Hot Water System
• Glycol Chiller
• Holding Tubes
• Air Compressor
• Control Panel
• Pasteurized Milk Storage Tank(Insulated)
• Pouch Packing Machine
• Sanitary Pumps
• Available Capacities 300ltr/hour, Available Capacities 300ltr/hour, 500ltr/hour & 1,000ltr/h

In addition to the mentioned, the following machinery can also be incorporated in the Mini Dairy Plant;
• Crate Washers
• Ageing Vats
• Incubators
• Milk Can Washers
• Stainless Steel Sink
• Stainless Steel Gratings
• Cold Rooms
• Freezer Rooms
• Cup Filing Machines
• Shrink Wrapping Machines
• Lactoscan
• Laboratory Testing Equipment
• Steam Boilers (Wood Fired, IDO, etc.)

The Mini Dairy Plant is ideal and highly recommended for the following milk products line
• Milk Products
• Butter
• Cheese
• Yogurt
• Ice Cream