A spare part, spare, service part, repair part, or replacement part, is an interchangeable part that is kept in stock and used for the repair or replacement of failed units.

ASL stocks and supplies vital spares to its customer at a minimal fee usually covered under the Service and Maintenance contract that we highly recommend when installing a machinery/plant.

After an initial consultation, where our team pinpoints the needs of the customer, we will provide load calculations to determine the capacity and quantity of the equipment best suited to your needs. We also offer layout planning services to ensure your plant/machine facility is utilizing every square inch of work space

Service to our clients doesn’t end when we close the sale. ASL provides on-going machine training to the equipment operator.

Regular visits to the customer after the commercial equipment has been installed are common practice at ASL. Should your equipment require a service call, our technicians are readily available.

Industrial Dairy Equipment Spares for the following Equipment:

• Bulk Milk Cooling Tanks
• Milk Tankers
• Buffer/Silo Tanks
• Yogurt Mixer Tanks
• Milk Receiving Vats (with Load Cells)
• CIP Tanks
• Batch Pasteurizers
• Plate Heat Exchangers
• Cheese Vats
• Insulated Tanks
• Homogenizers
• Balance Tanks
• Dump Tanks
• Ghee Boilers
• Milk Dispensers

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Spare Parts.
This include the following
1. Commercial Kitchen Equipment

• Gas Cooking Range with Oven(4 Burners, 6 Burners, 8 Burners)
• Electric Cooking Range with Oven (4 Burners, 6 Burners, 8 Burners)
• High Pressure Open Burner Stoves
• Deep Fat Fryers
• Tilting Brat Pans
• Boiling Pans
• Convection Ovens
• Salamander Grills
• Sandwich Makers
• Blenders,
• Milk Shakers,
• Pizza Ovens
• Sink Units
• Worktables
• Bainmarie
• Baking Ovens
• Dough(Cake) Mixers
• General Purpose Trolleys
• Salad Counters
• Meat Display Counters
• Stainless Steel Fridges & Freezers
• Chicken Roasters
• Kitchen Hood Extract System,
• Economy Wood-Fired Stoves
• Solar Water Heaters

Industrial Laundry Equipment Spare Parts

This include the following
• Washer Extractor
• Tumble Dryer
• Flatwork Ironers
• Hand Steam Ironers
• Presses
• Laundry Trolleys
• Laundry Sinks
• Linen Storage Racks,
• Garment Finishing Equipment


• Stainless Steel Poles
• Stainless Steel Bushes
• Balls
• Glass Brackets
• Universal brackets
• End Caps
• Bottom Caps
• Flanges
• Elbows: Fixed and Swivel
• Flash Joiners